Builder for hire and selling assets!

About Me

Hi there! I am offering my services as a builder. I specialize in asset creation and level design. I have been building for a few years on roblox and wanted to offer my assets to those in need. I also do requests, I work with blender a little and can create small models, but I primarily use studio to build my assets!


Here are some screenshots of my work:
models for sale 2
shed for sale


I am available anytime, just the models I may not be able to supply for a little as my main account was banned for another 4-5 days. I will be able to sell you them then. (Unless I can find autosaves of the places.)


Prices are negotiable, I accept group funds or maybe other models if they fit within my interests.


You can contact me here on discord.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


I friended you. My name is Alfred#2100

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