Builder For Hire! (Fire's Build Profile)

About Me
Hello! I’ve been building around for around 3 years now and am currently looking to get hired by a development team and work a long-term job. I’ve worked on a game called Project Moon in the past but it is mostly old builds. I can make maps, guns, swords, and almost any other asset but I don’t make cars. I use blender to create most of my models.

My Builds
Side note: These are not all of my models.
A lobby

Maps I made


(Low Poly)


Some more models I made

I am available anytime.

The only type of payment I accept is a small upfront payment (to ensure I won’t get scammed) and then a % of the game earnings. If you think you can persuade me to take just a % of the game, you are welcome to try.

Discord: fire#1443

Nice work! I wish the best of luck to you as most of us dont get hired from others.