Builder, GFX and Thumbnails and Icons! ~ @erh20111 [OPEN!]

I have been on roblox for 3 years now, and I cannot say how much I’ve experienced on this platform, I have now gotten into developing, GFX, Building and Icons and Thumbnails.

I am doing my commissions for free because I want to improve my skills.

I am available most of the time, I am currently on school holidays, one more week until I am back in school.
I would be able to say that I am available all day, in a week time this will be updated to the proper availability times.


Commission for dikyar9

My Avatar (Made for my YT pfp(Old)

My OLD profile picture

Some GFX I made randomly (Drafts)


Commission for JonathonBows

Commission for EqualAxoly


Thumbnails and Icons

Thumbnail for my game "Modern Island Houses"

Youtube Banner

Youtube Thumbnails

f78753ee-c88a-44a0-962b-c6f09e3c72bf-screen-shot-2021-05-25-at-92414-am-980x502 (2)
f78753ee-c88a-44a0-962b-c6f09e3c72bf-screen-shot-2021-05-25-at-92414-am-980x502 (1)

please notice that these are my old builds, I do not have any recent builds.

A simulator island

A simulator map(Main)

Modern Island Houses Map

GFX Price Range: 250 - 500

Thumbnail/Icon Price Range: 100 - 200

Builds Price Range: 350 - 500 (depends on complexity)

All prices can be negotiated if needed.

Donation: It is all going to my developers game advertising (GTC)

DevForum DM’s is my only form of contact.

Currently Working On…




The thumbnails and icons are expensive according to me

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I agree, I think that the graphic design aspects are pretty expensive for what they are.

The thumbnails and icons are overpriced, not worth 1k+

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How about I try to give some constructive criticism.

The GFX’s and thumbnails are WAY overpriced, I can make those exactly in Pixlr in literally 5 minutes. 5000 Robux for a bad screen shot with a font over it? That is worth maybe 5 Robux, 25 max, not 5000.

For building it’s quite basic and their aren’t really many decorations. Also I’m pretty sure that’s someone elses picture because it says 4shadez, however your past username is not 4shadez.

I believe your main problem is your WAY overpriced prices and lack of practice. Nobody wants to order a thumbnail for 5000 or a build like that for 3500 Robux. I recommend you greatly reduce your prices to something that makes sense.

Sorry if it was a bit mean but it’s the truth.


I was not intending to be rude, I was only intending to give constructive criticism. It’s your work and you can do whatever you wish with it.

The dev-forum is a place to help other developers, to help them get commissioned, and to offer support, that’s all I was trying to do, there’s no need to be rude about it.


I also think the same thing. The prices are overpriced. You should start off in the lower range.

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Hello, I have already explained that these are my works and I can price them to what I want. It clearly says that we can negotiate a lower price if the prices are too high. So please read the reply before commenting.

All the prices have been lowered by a lot. 5 Spots are left and if they are full you can message me here or leave a comment saying: “Can I be put into the waiting list? --commission you want me to finish–” Thank you for ordering from me and you do not have to order from me if you don’t want to.
Get your order before it’s back to normal!

I can cancel the commission at any time if needed for me.

Thanks - 4.

The way he responds I don’t really feel like he’s gonna get commissions, according to me the way he makes the GFx’s and the way he prices it might not be acceptable to some but surely his behavior and coordination with the customer is very poor.
@erh20111 if u don’t think of improving the rude behavior or nature of urs you surely won’t get any commissions and also I think the GFX’s and thumbnails are overpriced and u make gfx’s on Roblox studio which are very low quality and the builds are most likely free models. I’ve seen those mountains on many simulator maps.
I have no intention of being rude to u just a little advice.


It is not a very professional response by telling someone who just gived crucial and valuable constructive criticism to “Shut your mouth” and “Better Shut up”. I’d suggest you to change your attitude if you like people to really commission you.


Hmmmm. How much for a GFX of a fire truck with firefighters around it?

Completely free of charge, furthermore contact me for more details.


Really good GFX artist. Highly recommend!

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Hi, this is a bit too complex for me, so in that case I can not do the commission. Sorry.

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Can you my GFX on green background?

Yep, I’ll work on that right now.

Thank you. I hope you improve your skills and get better job offers. :wink:

Finished product

Do you mind posting a review on my portfolio?