[Builder, Modeller, Terrain] FroggerDev

Heyyo! I’m FroggerDev, a developer here on the forums.


Terrain: Link


The bushes in the church build are not mine - another person added them and I believe they are free modelled.


Note: The software I use for modelling (Inventor) I am very good with, but I learned it using engineering parts, not video game assets, thus my portfolio is rather small. Despite this, I am very skilled with the software and can likely make whatever you’d like.

Please read the note under modelling - I’m more than happy to make a simple model to demonstrate my ability if that would be helpful :hidere:


My schedule is pretty crazy, however, I am usually available for about 4 hours after school. I can check messages all day.


Payment is dependant on the commission. I prefer if you offer first and we work from there.


Feel free to pm me on the forums or contact me on Discord (stephen#5154).

Looking forward to working with ya!


Good stuff Frogger!

I’m a friend of his, and I highly recommend him. He’s extremely respectful and punctual in terms of communication. His work is truly amazing and he is a very experienced and specialized builder.


I am interested in hiring you, do you accept percentages?

I take percentages if I see potential in the project. Feel free to private message me here or DM me on Discord (stephen#5154) with some details about the project so I can decide :upside_down_face: