[BUILDER] Portfolio - conotur

Updated 12/20/2023

About Me

Hello! My name is Matt and I am a 19 year old college student studying computer graphics. I have been building for about 4 years. My favorite build style is direct reference, so most of the builds displayed here are based off of real life locations, with precise scaling. I also do a bit of terrain work.


I can work most of the time minus work and school, mainly at nights. My communications are always opened, though.
My time zone is CST (EST-1)(GMT-6)


I would prefer to be paid in Robux rather than USD.

My Work


Fire Department


Police Station

Kitchen Interior


My Discord is .matt#6969
You can also contact me by sending my a message through the Devforum

Upon contacting me through discord, I can send some smaller models that I created that I felt weren’t suitable for this portfolio.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Added! Feel free to accept me.


Sorry, denied your request earlier because I didn’t recognize the name, sent you a request just now.

Added, my discord is !Khoi3674.