Builder Professional for hire!

Hi, I am a professional builder and I have been doing this for 4 years. I work with Blender and I create my own models, I guarantee that there will be no free models in my works. I offer quality and seriousness and I like the client to be satisfied and then me, for me this detail is the most important


You can view my work on this website,
I can fulfill any desire of the client and I am focused on any requirement, I guarantee for my work and I finish the order in a very short time possible


I am available at any time, I respond quickly to requests, I offer seriousness and good quality of services.


Prices are negotiable, I accept USD/ Euros Paypal .


You can contact me on Roblox , Mmaxi99 [ ] or Discord Mmaxi-Builder#4587

Thanks for reading!

Don’t you have like 15 portfolios already?

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I get orders and I make them, and I’m looking for work non-stop, I know you see me everywhere, but I like to work :grin:

I understand, but your portfolio can be easily flagged as spam and become just invisible for everyone. I suggest you update your portfolio rather than making new ones all the time, commenting on your own portfolio with something like “Added some new examples!”, would bring your topic to the top on “Latest” and there are quite a lot of people surfing that rather than “New”.

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I will take note and thank you very much :pray:t2:

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