Builder up for Hire

June 13th - Hi I am antonisk and I would like to help someone to build.

-I am a good Builder
-I build pretty fast
-I don’t use disc.
-I work for small pay
-I made a couple of model games.
-here they are

  • antonisk
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You should follow this template: Template for Public Portfolios

some other guy told me to post here

You could just have clicked the pencil for future reference but other wise and you should use the portfolio template if you have any questions message the top contributors.


I’ll just copy and paste my last post:


Interesting builds. I do have a few suggestions:

  1. You should probably elaborate in your post. Give more detail about your style, proficiencies, rates, past jobs, etc. An unprofessional portfolio leads possible employers to think you are unprofessional. I would suggest using full sentences and possibly headers (as directed in the template for portfolios).
  2. I also suggest that you add more examples of past works (if you have none, I suggest that you build some more things), as your current ones may be seen as insufficient to provide a realistic interpretation of your skills.

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While good (and interesting…) I think that there should be more photos/links to really convince employers you are worth hiring.

I also suggest giving that poor guy some pants!

Yeah we meant change the topic cause last time you had it in building support.

locking thread thanks for the help


Here are something you should read over so you know how the DevFourm operates. Also like I said you can ask any top contributors.