BuilderDolphin's Portfolio [Scripter]

About Me

Hello, I am BuilderDolphin, and I am an advanced scripter. I have 4 years of scripting here on Roblox, and have made many different small projects. Recently [February 2022], I have developed a full game, which I am showcasing below.


The main project that I would like to showcase is here: 🎄 Creations | Beta - Roblox
Currently [March 2022], the place just hit 100k visits, and receives an average of 40-50 concurrent players throughout the day. This place was completely developed by myself, besides some models that are able to be placed in the game, which are credited in the object’s description.


Currently, this is the amount of time I am available every day:

  • Weekdays: 2-4+ Hours
  • Weekends: 3-6+ Hours


I accept payment through group funds (R$) only. Most of the time, I will do one-time pay, and sometimes percentage.


You can contact me if you are interested in my service via:

Developer Forum (Message)
Discord (Tag: BuilderDolphin#9422)