Builder/Modeler With 3+ Years of Experience

About Me:

I’m a builder who can build and model here on Roblox.
I have 3 years of experience building and 10 months of experience 3D modeling on Blender.
I started building since months after I created my account in 2017.
I sleep at day during the weekdays. I do the opposite on the weekends though.
I can also re-create real-world things like houses, bridges, buildings, and more.

Some of my previous works:

parody cafe game I made to make fun the other cafe games, used Blender to model everything in here and make them look blocky using an effect except for the building itself and the counters.

gas station demo used to demonstrate the performance difference between voxel and shadowmap lighting technologies

recreated the first result for house in Bing

original image
I am able to work from around 1 - 5 AM EST on the weekdays and 2 - 11 PM EST on the weekends.

You choose how much you pay me and I’ll think about it, I’m not looking for a lot of payment either. Although I’m not taking lower than R$200.

You can contact me on either here on the developer forum, Roblox through messages, or on Discord (capture_nest#7406)
Thanks for reading! : -)

You should provide more Showcase! Not to be rude but your work looks out of place even if it’s classic or low-poly <3 no offense


Thank you for your suggestion. :heart:

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