Builders Club Roblox PM filter

More or less I get spam from all sorts of bots nowadays, but I also get a lot of messages from all kinds of random people and those messages are not relevant to my work.

I mainly use PMs to identify problems in my games or get feedback from dedicated players. Most of the time those dedicated players are Builders Club members so I thought it could actually be a configurable filter for messages you receive - “Only Builders Club members can message you”


Is this a joke? :confused:

Messaging is probably one of the only ways to quickly communicate with someone on the website if you’re not their friends list. Why silence the people who do not have a membership but still have something useful to say? I’m sure some Builders Club members message you things that aren’t relevant to your work like some people without membership do.


This seems like a valid idea to me. I’m not sure about it being BC only though. I would rather see more developer-oriented options, like being able to filter bug reports automatically.


The ability to have ROBLOX PMs forwarded to email would go to great lengths to empower us to do that :wink: These email clients have repeatedly refined their filtering/organization of messages for a very long time, so they could be used as a front for viewing PMs instead of ROBLOX re-inventing the wheel.

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I agree that there should be more filtering options and possibly even email forwaring but the filtering option suggested is absurd and doesn’t solve anything

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I think its reasonable, it also gives another reason to buy builders club.

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I think the method listed in OP is probably a pretty bad idea but I get where you’re coming from. Here’s my proposition, albeit a bit more complicated:

Allow users to tag the messages they send under different categories (e.g. bug report, query, discussion etc. etc.) and then allow the recipient to filter their inbox to show only certain types of category. I would probably suggest making this revert to default each time they load up the inbox though, as to discourage users from abusing it and unnecessarily silencing people who might have something to say that’s actually worth their time to read.

I think a good example of this idea would be something like what reddit allows for user made sub-reddits: Submissions (threads) are flaired (tagged) by the author and people viewing the website then have the option to choose between disabling those types of flair, or showing only that flair.

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I like the idea but you have to expect people to be honest about it tho…

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Well, I kind of get where you’re coming from. I mean…the obvious flaw is that such a thing wouldn’t be used properly. To my knowledge sites like reddit keep things in check by moderating misuse of the system (e.g. deleting threads and possibly banning people for using flairs inappropriately). However I think in the grand scheme of things it’d probably be a pain to moderate and messages could easily be interpreted as one category or another leading to all sorts of problems.

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There are games getting 300 replies a second of spam comments. The bots will just tag their messages too

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We shouldn’t be relying on PMs for bug reports, Each game should have its own report box for reporting issues and such that you can view.

OR we could have a forum-like section for games and let people upvote/downvote certain issues.


I like this idea.
It’s own tab, beside server or so, with a way to “comment”, ONLY after they have been playing, and restricted after what the owner of the game wants.
Like “Everyone can comment”, “No one can comment”, “BC only can comment”.
The reason i put BC, is because most bot’s are NBC people.

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Filtering by what badges they own is more generalized and seems less sketchy. Being able to sort PMs by what group their in would also be useful.

I recieve 5-10 messages a day with people offering me free robux if I go to a site,
to join a war group, to join Team_Delicious, to join this, join that.
I also use my messages to gauge with people who have found bugs in my games or who I work with/have feedback from.
So perhaps instead of a Filter that blocks out everything, being able to set up Player Names, or certain key-phrases that would be instantly sent to the archived message folder would be great.
I imagine this would also help roblox as then you could quietly filter out “Free Robux” from spammers, not even allowing it to send but not telling them, counting how often they attempt to send, and if its over a certain limit, IP ban.
(Not the account, just simply the IP address. Which, if I understand correctly, will also disconnect multiple spam-bots.)

Also, is it possible to make a Dev-Forum spam bot?
So we can spam back at the people spamming the average robloxian.
And use the power for good’n stuff.

Once again, a simple yet overlooked fix to a majority of spam-bots is a simple captcha… still waiting for one…

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Sadly chaptas are easy to break.
There’s websites to crack them for less than 1$

Because a hacker will eventually break a security system does that mean we shouldn’t have a security system?

Captchas would really help as I believe those with the actual knowledge to use a captcha breaking API is in the minority.

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A filter to find only BC messages but at the same time. No BC only messaging