Builder's Club Stipend Bonus randomly ended?


rip that extra 3648 robux. Despite small, it will be missed
if its not a bug, which I hope it is and continued to be supported for us who’ve had it for so long


It was removed because of two much rbx being taken to the public from people with lifetime OBC.


That was why they capped it, not why they removed it?


I’m pretty sure this feature was removed, after the cap. At first they capped the bonus, then it was removed because of the amount of robux users who didn’t play anymore, and still play were getting. Also they found it unfair, because the consecutive days allowed to receive robux, is a removed feature, and people who buy BC nowadays do not have access to it.


Yes, but they paid for it, so it’s not like they’re getting robux they didn’t pay for.

Originally I was getting R$112 a day, then R$72… No wonder I thought my balance was going up slower as of late…


The feature was removed for anyone new, but people who currently had it was grandfathered over. As far as I know, it was not removed after the cap.

I was getting a daily bonus up until about a month or two ago. It just randomly disappeared.


Well, that is new news. I thought it was discontinued years back. I was not aware that it was still ongoing. Did you guys get emails?


No. That’s why I made the post. I was really hoping for an official statement.