Builder's Club Stipend Bonus randomly ended?


I do recall that the system is somewhat deprecated and at this point only older users have it. However, I’ve been receiving this bonus stipend since late 2010 and I recently noticed it ended without any warning. I did not lose my membership at any time.

Is this intended? Albeit small, the bonus stipend was helpful for funding audios and badges.

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It ended years ago, I think there was even a blog post on i- wait, what?


It still persisted.


I can confirm that it got silently removed. I no longer receive an extra 12 Robux per day. If my math is right, this stopped about 3 weeks ago according to the amount I got over the past year.


We are talking about this right?

If this is what got removed, why is it still on the purchase page?


The bonus was an extra 1 Robux per sequential month (up to 12) for having Builders Club. I had the full 12, so my daily Robux was 72 instead of 60. New people were unable to get it a few years ago, and this was removing the people who still had it.

TL;DR: Daily Robux is still a thing.


Oh, never heard of that. Good that daily Robux is still a thing then.


I was getting about 100 R$/day at one point. I believe the max was higher


Mine was set and capped at 12 robux as well when it was discontinued.


I’ve never heard of this before (I joined in 2016) but it’s strange that they’ve kept it under summary if they wanted to remove it. But I guess it’s what @TheNexusAvenger said, it was just removed.


I bought BC last month and I’m still getting Robux.


The bonus stipend?


Oh! My bad. I’m guessing you’re talking about signing in multiple days in a row boosts your daily stipend. AFAIK, they did remove it a while back.


It was deprecated but seemingly recently removed without warning.


It was capped at max 120% (so 72R$ for OBC) some years ago. The cap used to be 300% before that I think for the longest time, which was pretty crazy.


I would have loved 180 Robux per day. Would have been pretty bad in terms of an economy standpoint of old users getting more of a value from builders club then everyone else.


Yup, that would explain me getting about 100 R$ a day. Those were the days :sob:


Just noticed mine are missing too.


It does kind of stink that these were removed silently. I kind of liked my extra 12 robux/day.


“Roblox reserves the right to change our terms and conditions from time to time.” Gah.

Maybe worth a complaint to the ASA (UK)?


Mine is gone as well.

All I remember is that anyone who had the bonus will be grandfathered over until their membership ends. I have had OBC for a long time now and have not cancelled it.

I tried digging around and I couldn’t find anything official about it. Nothing that mentions it in the blog anywhere. However, I did come across this from a fan blog;

I mean, it wasn’t a lot of Robux, so it doesn’t bother me much, but it’s still a little odd anything regarding this just completely disappeared.
unless I’m not looking hard enough

Maybe this just got so old/not enough people have it, it’s not worth keeping anymore?