[BUILDERS ONLY!] I am hiring a scripter and builder!

Mad Jail is a game with over 100 visits, I know it is not a lot and I would need some help to make the game grow.
The game is based on a prison game where you can escape and rob.
You can also be in the police team and make justice in the city.
If you want to apply you would need…

  • Experience at building and scripting.So if you apply for the scripter job you need to know how to script.If you want to apply as builder you need to know how to build.
    If the game becomes popular and we make some robux, I can give half of the robux made to each of the developer.
  • You would need to work at the game 4 hours per day, if you are busy you can work 1 or 2 hours.
  • I hope to find candidates who are motivated to bring new ideas to the table and are invested in making the game better overall.
    If you are interested and want to find more contact me on discord at AlinPVC#7642.
  • You need to be ambitious and not to be afraid to bring more ideas for the game.
  • Work well with others and not be afraid to ask for help when you need it
  • Be creative and willing to share new and fresh ideas
    So ye if you are interested cont me on discord at AlinPVC#7642,if you don’t have discord contact on my email which is alinalin8024@gmail.com.
    Thank you !

Can I see screenshots of the game?

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Sure, Sorry it needs a lot of work but I will send ! :smiley:

Here will be the prison.

I builded the criminal base and the bank, behind the criminal base it’s a yard which a friend made it, it isn’t finished because he didn’t want to make anymore, he didn’t want to help me so I kicked him. These are all the pics

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Sorry about the screenshots but it didnt work from my keyboard so I used my phone. :slight_smile:

let me think about it. ill let u know tomorrow if i wanna help


Ok Thank you very much ! :slight_smile::smiley:

do u ever use any free models?

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When I first started yes because I didnt know anything. But I dont really use them now. So ye I dont use them.

I recommend not using them because they could include harmful scripts to your game. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes a friend told me that they can ban you.

Btw the bank works you can rob it and it gives 5000 Cash/Money.

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Hey little man! :DD Just some advice.

Your game needs to be unique and different.

Mad city is similar to jail break. You basically took the first word of their name and stuck it together. “Mad Jail.” That’s a silly assumption I made up, which means anyone could make up quick assumptions about this game.

So when making games, try to be unique and different. Your game doesn’t have to be too original, but it can’t be unoriginal. It needs at least one unique thing that the other similar games don’t have. That one other thing needs to be a major part in your game, so when those similar games take that major part, players will know that they got that idea from your game.

Also please follow the recruitment template and provide screenshots inside the post so it doesn’t make clutter.

Good luck on your game! Happy developing! :smiley:


Thank you very much I will change the name and I will talk to the other devs of the game thank you !

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Hey there,
I wish your game would be very cool and famous and but I see that your model is quite basic.
And I didnt see any payment here. Did you forget to add it or people will work for you free.


I didn’t forget about the payment.
I only give robux due I m still young at age,If the game will become famous I will give 1000 robux per week which I think it’s a good deal.
If you don’t like the payment we can discuss that.
Thank you ! :slight_smile:

I do like it and i need some fund for my project, can you add me at kien_developer#1946

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sure ! I will right now. :slight_smile:

so do you still want to help we rlly need a builder at the minute !
Thank you ! :smiley:

I’m interested! I added you on Discord, I’m eeee#0104.

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