Builders to make guns needed

I am looking for good builders who can build blocky guns. I offer 1k to 2.5k Robux for each modelled gun. I will update this thread with an example soon.

Feel free to contact me via DevForum DM or DevKurka#5049.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


What kind of blocky guns are you looking for?

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Do you know if you can raise the pay? Depending on how blocky/realistic it deserves higher.

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The pay is up for negotiations.

Well uh. Kinda high-poly guns which may be made as either mesh or blocks.

I’m interested. DM me on Twitter @ShadowBloxDev

Interested, I’ll discuss this more via discord. (Sent a FR.)

or DM me on dev forum, or discord (shadoww#9904)

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