Builder/Smooth Terrain Developer

Hello, I am AlausSamus. I have built since I was nine years old, back in 2014. Since then, I have developed and stayed in the ancient/antiquity genre, but I am looking to branch out. I am a boyscout, highschool kid, and a roblox-enthusiast. I am looking forward to get some work done on this platform!

I will showcase some of my builds on this post, but almost all of mine are down in the trello linked.






I am avaliable all day, almost every day. I am Eastern Standard Time, so times will vary depending on that. Exclusions will be when I am out some where, which then I will make known.

I work with USD and Robux

Robux Rate: Amount based on work load.
USD Rate: Amount based on work load.

Discord: AlausSamus#5052
Roblox: AlausSamus
DevForum: AlausSamus

@TheGreatAIexander For his GFX used to layout my post.


Very nice work you have, May hire you in the future!

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Thanks! I appreciate the comment!

Those are some pretty nice builds. I might commission you in a few weeks.

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I seen those fish before? Have you ever made a fish with legs grabbing a tree lol.

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Looks pretty spectacular, can’t wait to hopefully be doing business with you.

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Yes, I have. Here’s the picture:

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I look forward to working with all clients!

Lol! I love that tree. When I first saw it, I was like yoo this is godly.

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