[BUILDER/TRANSLATOR] will do translations like 1 week if you have an order contact via dc

About Me | OPEN RIGHT NOW 2019-07-03T00:00:00Z

  • Building

  • Translation

  • GFX (not for you)

  • UI Design (not for you)

I was playing roblox since 2009 was working for some clan and group.
Right now I’m building for money.
And other hand I can translate your game to Turkish. I know English and Turkish ( main lang ) ( there is so much Turkish players you don’t know about really. if you have a frontpage game this translation will give you like estimated 5K player online.)

I translated like 15 animes and 50 episodes of TV dramas to Turkish. I’m familiar with real jobs.

Translation Payment

1 word = 20 robux
I mostly accept USD.
100 words = 2K Robux = 10 USD




I prefer real money.
And 2-3K for a frontpage game translation. (i know i do it cheap and you will earn more than that)


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Discord. If you want a model or something I can make anything when you contact.



I get you haven’t opened this yet but


what’s the point of putting it if it’s not for us?

I think he just wanted to point out his talents.

Actually I’m making them for nonprofit so I don’t accept jobs about GFX and UI. I’m doing GFX and UI while I’m in a dev team. Not stand-alone.