Building a Basic Car - Not working

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After following all the steps, the final recommendation says: Drive!
But it does not work.

Here my final project after following all steps:
CarKit.rbxl (60.1 KB)

However, I could create a working chassis using this tutorial:

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Well these kind of stuff are deprecated. So maybe they broke. That’s unfortunate to be honest.

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Thanks for the report. We are looking into this.


I was able to at least make the car go back and forth by setting a fixed value for currentVel (because the getAverageVelocity() function is always returning 0:


But the car doesn’t turn and I still haven’t figured out why.

Okay, so I found your problem its not the script.

You have somehow added some welds (the old deprecated type of welds) to the model. Once I deleted those welds the car drives just fine with the default script.

Delete all of these you have 8 of them:

There are none of these deprecated welds in the place file provided by the tutorial.

You’re right. Removing all the welds, the car works (although the drivability result is laughable).
Thank you!


The weld creation occurred because, if you look at the videos, you will see that when you put the parts together, a white mark appears, indicating that there is an automatic creation of welds there.
As there is no warning in the text about this, I left the “Join Surfaces” option on, which caused the problem that you were able to solve.

Anyway, I’ll leave this topic open for the documentation to be changed, leaving this alert, ie, turn OFF the Join Surfaces option before moving the parts.

Just to close this out, the car project has been deprecated and the article has been removed from the docs site, so we’ve closed this issue internally. The new Modern City template contains a sample car you can explore if you’re interested in learning more about making cars or complex assemblies in Studio.

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