Building a Basic Car - Objects and script do not match. Error when testing

Issue Description
Following all the steps of the tutorial to the letter (Assemble Wheel Unit -> 2. Test Shock Absorber), when I run the project, the script reports non-existent objects:

WheelFR is not a valid member of Workspace “Workspace”

Issue Area: DevHub Content
Page URL: Building a Basic Car

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Thanks for the report. I filed a ticket to our internal database and i’ll let you know when there is an update for you.


The error is in the documentation because, within the step-by-step creation of the tutorial, in the “B. Test Shock” item, when pressing “Run”, it is trying to execute the “DriveScript” script and so far not all wheels have been created.
I suggest adding a step prior to item “B” in the documentation, stating that to test you have to disable this script first.

To follow up on this request, the car project has been deprecated and the article has been removed from the docs site, so we’ve closed this issue internally. The new Modern City template has a great reference sample for a car if you’re interested in learning more about making cars or complex assemblies in Studio.

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