Building an apartment in roblox

Hi, I want to do a apartment game, but my problem is I don’t know how to design a good apartment just like “Night Delivery” by Chilla’s Arts game, however this is what my current game looks and it looks horrible :frowning:

This is what im using for a reference:


Don’t be so hard on yourself, I just think that you need some practice. I’d recommend watching some building videos on youtube, like theres a channel called ‘cafune7’ that makes really good speedbuilds. Just keep making small builds and you’ll be a master builder in no time.


You’re right, but you’ve started already, and if you wish to create something appealing to yourself one day, it’ll definitely need practice and good methods. Just like what @fordient have said.

Now, before you start building big things, learn to sketch designs, decorate individual walls and pillars, if you wish, you can also use the game Bloxburg to try an easier version of F3X.


Well, I SUCK at building but when I have something to go off (example image) I can make something pretty good. The apartment that you built lacks A LOT of details from the reference image making it look bland and fake. Definitely make sure to follow as much details as you can. Examples I can see in your reference image are the bottom part of the wall, red box, railing patterns, dirt, holes in ground, camera, vents, etc. There is a lot you are missing.

Not everything can be made in a couple of minutes.

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Usually, if I build what you build.
I will start from create a cube made of 6 and 5 faces.
then I can start to remove them and add holes.

I’ve found my builds look weird until everything is finished. Remember it takes an entire scene to make something pop and look good. Try tweak things slightly once its finished - small details, changes to sizes of things (so proportions match), colour changes and material changes. Your build looks good so far, im sure once everything is in place and finished it will look amazing!

Well, let me tell you a few tips that might improve your build. My opinion about the current state of your build is that… I think you are going in the right direction. Sure, you built all that - expecting it to be all high and mighty - but you’ve missed the critical parts of a good build which are details, my friend. Stop doubting about your building skills and follow me on this one for a bit,
See, this is a matter of preference. Details can sometimes be designed straight outta of the image itself (in your case, the apartment fans) and sometimes you can make an abstract work of it that simplifies/decreases the amount of ram you need to render this one build.
Whether you’re going for a mid-poly style or a low-poly, picking a style in building should let you make informative design decisions that will leave you satisified at the completion of this build.

For example: if you’re going for a low-poly style of building, you’ll be making each part you create counts for the end-design. Fans from the image, the little electrical pipes shown alongside of them as well the fences are either made into separate textures or recreated in the most performance-wise possible. Sometimes, you’ll also resort to blender when creating small models - that is if you’re aiming for absolute performance in games.

When details are too small and when they’re big, is what you need to ask yourself, so when the time comes to apply these builds you should not face any problematic performance issues when playing the game due to your wise decision making in regards to performance and aesthetics.

And here is a little dirty trick you should make a use of when creating details for your build.

Since your image contains details that are duplicated across seamlessly, all you will have to do is build the initial part of the build and work on the duplicated details, once you have done all that, you can move onto duplicating it across and making your final touches.


Hey! if you are still there did you saved the model? i wish to have the model you made to make references into it so i can see what i have missed and to improve my skills in building thanks!

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Ok so, two things, simplest to say, hardwork pays off soon, and second, its looks more like a motel than a hotel

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Of course! It is messy and unorganized, but I hope it’ll help you in improving your building skills. Feel free to use it however you’d like.
examplebuild.rbxl (70.8 KB)

do you have any discord? i want to talk with you :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of things you can easily do to spice this up, like add the stairs, the concrete below the actual walls, and make the window frames more pronounced. I would also turn down the EnvironmentSpecularScale (property in ligthing), since it makes the build way too shiny.

All in all, just look at the image and try to make a 1:1 recreation. That should make it look a lot better. Good job so far!