Building an NPC

Hello fellow developers,

I’m an upcoming game developer designing a game with robots. These “robots” will have multiple joints, similar to R15 joints but perhaps modified slightly.

I don’t know how to animate them at all, should I use custom animations loaded onto a humanoid, or use constraints?

I haven’t seen any useful threads anywhere, and I was hoping someone could help.

If I need to include additional info please specify.

Thanks in advance.

Just animate them like you would animate a regular character. You can use the default animation editor from roblox or use a plugin like moon suite.

Just make sure the robot models have a Humanoid and the PrimaryPart is set otherwise the animator won’t be able to use the model.


Should I use Motor6Ds?
Not sure if I shoud.

As far as I’m aware, unless you have a strong grasp of math in regards to animation then it’ll be a lot easier for you to work with Roblox’ animation editor. You could set your robots up with a humanoid if you plan on using the humanoid for pathfinding or just movement in general and load animations into the humanoid. If you don’t want to use a humanoid then your other option is an Animation Controller which would allow you to play animations on a model that does not have a humanoid in it.


If I were to use the AnimationController I would still require Motor6Ds.
Sorry if I seem ignorant but I’m genuinely confused here.