Building Challenge #20 - Bookshelves

Hey developers, today I’ve made some bookshelves. All of the designs are modern bookshelves, but I will make medieval-themed furniture in the future. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

You can check out the previous builds of this challenge here. And you can check out the game here!

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They look very good!
Only one thing, could you turn off show grid/grid material? It changes how things look if I’m not wrong


is there an anime girl in the second screenshot?

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Oh yeah, since I build in the main game, the grid is the default grid I’ve made. But I will change transparency before screenshotting next time. Also, the anime girl you see is actually a plugin I have installed that shows a message every 15-30 minutes. I have loads of plugins installed… I didn’t see the anime girl while I was screenshotting lol… Thanks for the feedback!


Okay! Just remember next time!

Now you’ve inspired me to get into building :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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