Building Commissions [OPEN] Low poly Builder

Hello there, my name is Nick, also known as belovedones. I am a Roblox Studio Builder with over 2+ years of experience. Within the time, I have learned so much as designing 3D objects, making advanced building structures, and opening the pathway to creativity and originality. My goal as a builder is to become known within the community.

Currently, I am taking commissions. However, I only build home stores, cafes, etc. At this moment, I am not building any bakeries. You may also DM me if you have wonder if I build what you are looking for, if not listed.



I accept Robux as a payment source, I have no exact price. However, I negotiate prices so you may DM me and I will set a reasonable price.

Prices can be changed depending on the project.

DMS: nick!#8234