Building Feedback

Hello! I made a basement-ish area. How would I make this more interesting?


Make a big spiderweb near dark areas, Thats my feedback.


I think it really good already. I like the numbers and overall it’s really cool.

However, if you want to add more, you could add textures to the wooden planks, the walls, and else. This could be like stains in some planks - some might even be like blood stains inside the cells!
Maybe some barrels for storage for the guards who work there.

As I said before, I think it is already quite good, though if you want more of a “horror” or more realistic feel to it, add uneven textures (like stains) and stuff (like the barrels).


Overall, pretty good. I like the detail and the ui

Not gonna lie tho, it looks unrealistic (the edges and corners look wayyy too sharp to be realistic)

Also the lights/shadows/reflections…


Looks really cool! Reminds me of the game Doors.


I would recommend some additional darkened details in the doorways as well as possible details added to the room like tables/barrels as it does seem like it’s very light on the floor aspect. Some additional boxes or barrels would fit in the corners well. Also I would recommend that the lights flicker occasionally. So far it looks great.


Here’s some ideas:

  • Add frames around the cell doors instead of having the brick be the frame
  • Don’t use billboards for the numbers, use surfaceGUI
  • Make sure to turn on shadows on the pointlight or move the lights down. Right now the lights are reflecting on the ceiling, but that wouldn’t be possible with those lampshades.

You could add some columns and overhangs to break up the shape of the room

like in this picture

You could also add pipes and some debris on the floor


Thank you so much for the feedback, everyone!