Building good so far? for Robloxian Rap Battles?

Hiring posts will come soon.

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This is really basic, I suggest doing more before posting. It only has a road, palm trees, and people.

Thanks, also though there are animations i just needed suggestions and stuff

So far it is just a bare prototype, almost. The palm trees look good, at least, and the barricades have an interesting design. I’d say it looks good, but a more finished version would be easier to assess. :ok_hand:

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The trees are good, but you should do a bit more before posting. Also this is similar to anon74648183’s game try changing the name. It looks good so far good luck!

Honestly, try expanding on nearly finishing the project before asking for feedback. There isn’t really anything that can be commented to help approve your overall build if you haven’t really completed it.

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