Building help (challenges)

Recently, I’ve been scripting less and less, And focusing more on the building aspect of Roblox.
I would like for those of y’all reading this, If you’d like, To give me challenges on stuff to build. I feel as if this would be very challenging and help me become a better builder! After you submit what you think I should build, I will build it to the best of my ability, and reply to your comment with a screenshot of the build! Thanks, I look forward to seeing the replies! :smiley:


I can’t necessarily give you any building challenges specifically, but I do recommend you experiment with multiple styles and genres. It’ll definitely help you find your building style and it’ll provide you with a genre you enjoy building in.

I also suggest looking at topics such as: Developing - Expert developers advice from all around the world.

But for now, I say experiment with stuff such as houses, trees and more to help you grasp the basics of Roblox Studio.

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Great! Thanks for the idea, I’m gonna give these recourses a shot!

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Make a witches hut or a blacksmith shop