Building Help - Slanted Bricks

So- I’ll get straight to the point. While browsing the building community, I keep slanted blocks, and I’m extremely confused on how to actually make it. Are there any plugins that help?

Here are some screenshots on what I mean:
I’ve attempted to make it manually, by taking a block, slanting it and turning it to create a circle. It never ended out well.

Any and all tips and support are greatly appreciated.

They are simply triangles, or rotated parts, to rotate the brick to seem slanted it must be at a good angle to create any effect. I would just recommend inserting a triangle into studio and playing with the triangle and other parts to try and get the effect your after. Good luck!

I see. Are there any increments you suggest using?

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I would not know as I have not used the slanted type effect before, but I would highly recommend this plugin when inserting parts:

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate the help.

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Rotating parts manually or placing wedges can be a time consuming process. A better method of creating the single flat angles would be gapfilling between edges. If you want a different angle, all you have to do is adjust the length or width of your two starting parts.


You can find GapFill here: Stravant - GapFill & Extrude - Roblox

For angles consisting of multiple segmented parts on the other hand, as shown in the second example you provided, you should use Archimedes 2: Archimedes (v3.1.7) - Roblox

Start off with a single brick, then adjust the angle and face using archimedes. You can then rotate using a center point as your pivot to duplicate and wrap the arch around a full circle. This method is used to create the circular base and the arch in the screenshot below.

You can establish your center part by gapfilling between two parts that are of equal distance from the centerpoint.

(Gapfill will create a longer brick to connect the two edges, which you can then resize accordingly so it isn’t in the way of anything.)


Check out a plug-in called ‘archimedes 2.’

It’s (imo) the best plug-in for building on ROBLOX, it allows to easily make curves, circles, slants etc.,

Making slants manually like the ones shown in the pictures are very hard, close to impossible.

So that’s why I use gapfill! It’s very simple, and fast way to solve these problems!

Hope I could help! :smile: