Building ideas!

Hey guys, i was wondering if any of you have any ideas of small stuff to build as i am bored and have no ideas so please leave some ideas if you have any, i would like some ideas so i can practice my builds and just have fun, Thank you!

Please search before posting threads in the future. There are already thousands of threads asking about “Building ideas or “Looking for building ideas”, there’s useful information that’ll help you to pick and choose a build or something your interested in.

If your bored looking for small ideas to practice or build for fun, you can easily search different locations or look around your area and see what interest you or things you enjoy the most building being more specific - there’s a bunch of small objects to build whether it be around your room, backyard town area ect.

A simple search can find you a bunch of small objects to build whether it be a radio, chair, furniture assets, small house and more then go from there, whatever interest you i would search items around that category. Furthermore, view existing threads before attempting to create similar topics.

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Thank you very much, i appreciate your comment this helps alot. Thanks.