Building Improvements [From 2019 - 2021]

So I’ve been on Roblox Studio since 2017, but took it more serious around the end of 2018.
And by 2019 I had made a game on Roblox called Outlast, which would then later be replaced by a
2021 version.
(Disclaimer Outlast is a REAL game)
Here are my improvements on building after 2 years (2019-2021)

Original Outlast game (2019)

Remaster Outlast game (2021)


I can tell that you have improved over the years because those builds are amazing well done.

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Are you sure the images are in the right place? Future lighting did not exist in 2019.

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Yea I put the future lighting on for the image

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You are on the good path!

Learning more about the colors, lighting, and materials will be the great way to explore possibilities!

I encourage you to experiment more with meshes, shapes, and different architectural styles !

Amazing work!

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The ambience on the bottom image is great, great work

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