Building portfolio

About me
Greeting, my name is Ice. I’m a reliable builder. I’m on the Roblox platform for 3 years now. I’m a building developer now for a year now. I have made multiple commissions for multiple groups now. I specialize in making cafe’s, restaurant’s and i can make about anything. I would be happy to get hired.

Here are some of my projects:


Ocean View Cafe!

Ocean View Cafe Theatre

Ocean View Cafe V3

Ocean View Cafe V3

Payment & Requirements


1. I have the rights to deny you’re hiring request with no reason. If i don’t give you a reason that probably means that you want a build what i cant build or you don’t have enough payment that i agree to make you a build.

2. You must have Robux ready when you contact me. If you dont i will not accept you’re request.

3. I refuse to make any horror or any inappropriate games.

4. Only contact me when you’re sure what you want. Don’t waste my time.


I only accept Robux!

Small Build will cost about 250-500 Robux.

Medium Build will cost about 500-800 Robux.

Large Build will cost about 800-1500 Robux.


How to contact me?
The only way to contact me is in Discord. My username is Ice_11 #8993
There is no other way to contact me.