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About me
Hey! My name is Ali and I am a professional builder with around 5 - 6 years of experience. I’ve been doing a lot of collaborations and projects with other people, as well as worked on a few personal and group projects throughout my years as a builder so I have a lot of experience in specifically this department of creation trades. Building is a real passion for me and I’ve had it as a profession since 2014.

Projects & Showcases
Now I don’t want to overwhelm you with buildings and samples but here are a few:

Sample Images

Masyaf Village
The Field of Battle

City of London 1868
Futuristic City

I usually don’t follow a strict schedule, Once I am assigned a task I’ll work as intensely and fast as I can on that specific task in order to get it done right and in time which means that my building schedule varies depending on the task.

But generally I’m on a few hours every day and since I have discord and other media mobilized I’ll pretty much be very easy to reach and I’ll respond right away once a message is sent.

I am currently a student studying in a Swedish gymnasium. I’m trying to financially support myself which means that I only accept payment in USD or SEK (Swedish Kronor).

My prices for different building services varies depending on which building service you specifically request. I usually try to build for a fair price and making sure that the price that I am giving is within your budget but usually I like to talk with my clients about the price and come to an agreement we both can nod yes to.

Discord: Ali #5209
DevForum Email:

(You can also message me on roblox if you are unable to contact me through one of these, My username is AliParsHakhamaneshi)


Your IG is private just so you know.


Thanks for letting me know, fixed it.