Building Services Details & Portfolio // Gryves📁

Good day everybody! My username is visualsLord and I’m a self-taught builder and I am a modeler when I am creating my map assets. but of course I can also do some graphic design, most likely only for textures, etc.



Well, to start off on a more describing way. My name is Alex and I’m 16. I have been a developer on the Roblox platform for 6 years now, professionaly speaking I have 2 years of experience. I’m adaptable, open-minded, and your hopefully best go when you need something build and finished quickly. I specialize in building models in a very restrictive amount of polygons, to increase GPU performance, but of course I can do whatever you wish!

In the past two years I have accumulated experience from:

Full portofolio:

Warning! This list includes 45 photos!


Prices are to be discussed in private, only in professional terms.
I accept USD and Robux.

  1. Are you mature?
    If you want professionalism and maturity from me, I’m more than happy to offer it.
    If you want me to be friendly, dank and anything else, hehe. I can be.
  2. Are you professional when doing business?
    That’s what I love to think I’m! I’m performing my job well under stress and I never mind constructive criticism.
  3. Do you believe you’re creative?
    Since I was in kindergarten I was building castles out of wooden blocks, as time progressed I developed my art talents and I never stopped creating content! So yes, I’d say I am.


You can always hit me up on discord! ( visualsLord#4894 )
Or you could direct message me on DevForums!


I’ve worked with him in the past and I can def say that he gets the job done right.


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I have also worked with visualsLord and I can recommend him as a builder. He sent me regular updates on his progress and was very communicative to my building and deadline needs.

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