Building support need help

See I don’t know If I am bad at color choice or if I am bad at building. Currently i am making a BOXING GAME and I don’t feel right about my builds. Builders are expensive so i am trying to do this on my own.

I am trying to make it low poly but I just don’t like it. Any advice on color or what?

What exactly are the stairs for? Where do they lead to? I just want to be able to give a better answer than I could without knowing these things.

They lead to a room with boxing rings where you can fight other players and win XP, Points, etc.

If you’re going low-poly, I’d suggest you use lighter colors.

Most low poly games are cartoony one way or another. Just go a shade lighter than what you’re already using. Good luck!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

I think a light gray would look good.

Is the picture above me look better?

Yes, it does! Just keep it up and you’ll be good!

Overall, it looks very nice, but soloing developing isn’t a good idea.
My suggestion is to remove the material to make it more low-poly

I am not talking about the floor just the stair-case

Looks very nice, make sure everything is even and parts don’t overlap. 8/10