Building System - Structures are stacked

Hello, I am making a construction system but when building the structures they stack up for no reason, is it due to some type of configuration?

this is the code:

	local run; run = RUN.RenderStepped:Connect(function()
		local pos = / grid) * grid, math.floor(mouse.Hit.Position.Y), math.floor(mouse.Hit.Position.Z / grid ) * grid)
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What does this code print out?

Pretty sure it’s because you are using MoveTo. That’s meant for models so they don’t end up inside other items.
Just CFrame it to pos.

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Thanks for your help, now I have to solve a new problem, the objects appear with an orientation of 0,0,0

If someone had the same question, the solution is to use PivotTo()

Read the MoveTo link. If you need the orientation kept the same it says to use TranslateBy() or PVInstance:PivotTo()

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