Building system, where do i start?

So i would like to recreate a building system like shown in the video above.

Currently im a beginner scripter and i know the basics etc, but when it comes to this i just dont know where to start.

I also cant find any tutorials on the internet that could help me out.

Is there anyone out there that would like to help me with this? For example where i need to start or what functions i would need to use.

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This may help you.

You should search for building systems tutorials, there are a lot, a lot.

Start at detectiing mouse position and offseting it, then star to make grid if you wan’t and remote events, don’t forgot to secure them before you start making anything, then start to setting grid center and make some models or parts to build, then make gui and then is your freedom

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Hmm could you link me any? cant seem to find any usefull ones

I linked you one that seems the most accurate to what you want to achieve. There are more examples including grid snapping systems.

Well yeah it comes pretty close, ill look into it.

But it doesnt seem to include to hold ‘E’ (for example) to move an object.

Thanks anyway!

Those are specific things that you can also learn how to do by putting up together a bunch of tutorials. There are a lot of resources, so many that you can even make a whole game out of them.