Building tools impossible to use

I cannot explain how it’s happening or how to fix this. Everything randomly rotating, duplicating themselves, settings not being able to edit, wires staying in place even after removing them, bounding boxes still remaining after removing objects, etc.

I really like these tools because it allows me to script things without having to know how to script. If there’s a way to fix this or if there is a plugin even better than this please let me know.

They officially stopped supporting these a while ago I think.

They made them specifically for Private Build Servers which are now shut down.

Seems like nothing a few wait()s won’t fix, looking at those reparent conflicts.

I don’t understand, these tools are incredible. It allows me to make actual games with pre-made codes and it really helps me understand how it works.

Sorry bro ski D: I haven’t heard a word about these since like 2014.

Nope.avi. They was made for the ‘Welcome to ROBLOX building’ game