Building workflow with Rojo

Hi, I’m trying to adopt Rojo into my workflow as it allows me to do version control with github. However, I am confused on how the workflow would look like for building in addition to scripting.

I understand that whatever changes I make to scripts in Rojo will reflect in the script in Roblox studio, but not the other way round.

If that is the case, what if I want to build and script seamlessly, for example insert a part in workspace, do some work with it, then perhaps insert some scripts in those parts, etc. How would this work when those changes won’t be reflected in my filesystem using Rojo? I feel like I’m missing something here, would appreciate some insight into this.


Rojo isn’t meant for building, although you are able to add parts and stuff through the default.project.json, it’s simply too tedious to do so. So you will still have to build things on studio, Rojo is supposed to enhance your scripting experience. However, if you are willing to type that stuff out here take a look at the JSON Model documentation. Sync Details | Rojo

So what is the pre-requisite expectation for working on scripts with Rojo? That means all my map, tools, models etc. have to have finished sculpting first before I even open the map in Rojo to write the scripts?

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I think you can make changes in Studio and it’ll reflect back in the IDE? Not sure.

roblox lsp has a handy autocompletion for roblox instances that updates in real time

littering scripts inside parts is bad practice and isn’t intuitively supported by rojo. you’re expected to handle everything within scripts contained within specific containers (i.e having a single service to handle recoloring every part in workspace, rather than putting a recolor script inside every part in workspace)

Yeah, Rojo is not meant to enhance building at all, it’s more for the backend stuff.