Builds in studio i made

interior of the cafe how does it look?
the outside looks to bad so im not showing it

i used some free models for it

and here is an apartment type thing i am working on:

i used some free models for that too

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It is to bright and dont use free models because you wont grow up as a builder.You need imagination for this so try to make your own otherwise its really good

I believe a lot of that is a free model. Highly recommend making your own assets, too bright as well.

Looks pretty good so far, just make your own models.

Well seeing you didn’t make most the assets its a nice feel, way too bright and quite simple

Also it would be better for the Text to be a different font and for it not to have TextScaled since its quite inconsitent

Its pretty decent layout wise though

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The lighting feels really bright, maybe turn it down a bit. Also next time maybe try making your own models, but free models are fine unless they have any backdoors other than that it looks fine.

i used a threedtexttool not a gui.
also guys im going to make thing witout free model soon