Built-in datastore editor

As a Roblox developer, it is currently difficult to edit datastores in Roblox studio. Even with the upcoming datastore 1.1 change I do not believe it will allow you to edit data stores more easily . The provided solution is to use a paid plugin, that is data store editor , but I feel it should be a builtin feature in studio for everyone.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would be more user-friendly and more productive instead of going in game , printing a list of the data stores with keys and using setasync or updateasync to update the data stores. If combined with 1.1 it will also make it easier to restore data.
Roblox could even team up with the person/people behind the data store editor plugin and make it better than it already is.


I believe Roblox should focus their efforts to improving DataStores rather than implementing things that developers can and already have created. If you don’t want to pay for the DataStore editor, there is nothing stopping you from creating your own or for someone to release their own free version. Studio would become even more cluttered with ANOTHER built in plugin as not all developers would use this plugin either and just find it an annoyance. There’s already 5 built in plugins and if Roblox continues to create more we’re going to have an entire plugin bar full of them. Allowing users to create this plugins allows users to opt into using the plugin rather than being forced to have it enabled and taking up space.

The new version of DataStores will likely solve most of your issues and I personally plan on making a plugin to implement the amazing new features Roblox has added. :slight_smile:


If Roblox were to implement this I believe they should give an option to disable it if needed .

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Roblox should focus on implementing the core building blocks we need and really cannot implement (or otherwise very hard to implement) without platform support. A datastore editor doesn’t introduce any new API to the platform and is not really too complex to make, and so can be made entirely by a plugin developer on top of Roblox’s offering. I don’t think they should put work into this for that reason.


You guys have raised some good points. Plus I found a free data store editor plugin myself.


Would definitely be helpful if they supported using Excel or Google Sheets to edit data instead?
(By Importing and Exporting of course)

This would be useful for so many things like Databases

To clarify I mean it should be easier to edit data that represents a lua table either built-in or support for 3rd party software use

Datastore isn’t the only use case for this, and it would be useful for non programmers as well.

What if we consider this as a new feature instead?


You can delete built in plugins inside of appdata Roblox Folder


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