Built-In Roblox Script causes Script timeout: exhausted allowed execution time

This is very weird and my first road block in a long time.

Just incase for your guys common solutions, no there is no “while true do”, or anything like that of so I can believe.


Everytime I start on Roblox Studio or InGame this thing just pops up saying my game is going through an overload. It’s not parented anywhere I can find it in explorer, all it says its parented where you see the image at.

In MapHandler, it’s broken because of the timeout on the “watchForErrors” thing. The line literally is just :FireAllClients(). Same with other scripts where one of them is literally just Instance.new(“Part”) with no loops.

This is the code inside if you’re wondering:

local ExperienceChat = script:FindFirstAncestor("ExperienceChat")
local Analytics = require(ExperienceChat.Analytics)

return function(service: ScriptContext, mainScriptInstance, isServer)
	service.Error:Connect(function(_message, stackTrace, scriptInstance)
		if scriptInstance == mainScriptInstance or (stackTrace and string.find(stackTrace, "ExperienceChat")) then
			local counterName = if isServer then "expChatErrorCountServer" else "expChatErrorCountClient"

I’ve tried just taking it out and it completely works, but it’s a temporary solution since when I restart Studio this problem just comes back as it’s original script out of the blue.

So, what are you trying to do? You’re probably asking. What I’m trying to do is so this never happens at all, it’s annoying and breaks my game and I have no control over it.

To anyone, sorry if my writing is all over the place.

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Got some info that this is a Core bug, so I’m moving this to Bug Reports.

Nevermind just noticed I can’t do that, I’m screwed.

Add a task.wait() cooldown, should work.

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Thanks for the help, but it’s not possible to configure CoreGUI scripts.

I think I’ve found a solution, my friend said it was because it was descendant added adding too many events. Sorry for the mishap everyone.

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