Built My Own Room


I decided to build my own room as my first ever build in studio. This took me a few days. I think it’s pretty decent for a first build. Tell me what you guys think about it. Also, post any suggestions you have for me.


I don’t really have suggestions, though, that is an awesome build! :heart:


is that your umm in real life room?


wait… did you use free models?

The room looks exactly like in the beige house in the suburban template.

yeah… I think he did cause the newspapers are a free model, the fan is a free model and so are the bed sheets and pillow, as far as I can see.

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Only the paper stacks are free models and I used meshes for the bed sheets and the pillows. The fan I made myself.


Yes actually, it is my real life room.


Its really cool, do you watch anix btw? This really reminds me of that room he made in boxburg,
anyway it really cool!

Unfortunately, I do not watch anix. I guess my irl room looks like something he built lol. Thanks tho :smiley:

This is breathtaking for a first build, to the extent that I would believe you’d had at least 2-3 months of experience. I will provide more feedback later.


Absolutely in love with the detail specifically to the setup, also nice.image

This build has genuinely impressed me for a first build, keep building and you’ll 100% get somewhere.

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One word, wow. This is a very impressive build, especially as you say it is your first. This is really good, keep working and you are going to go very far. Well done!

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Notices Boxburg :coefficients: