Built something, tell how to improve

I am have worked on a build based off of games I used to like.
Here it is and tell me what to improve off of.


I’d suggest you try using other terrain materials. (Ground, Dirt, Rock)
Also, try and make the river look a bit more realistic by making it run through a ‘dip’ in the terrain so that it shows the river’s erosion.

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It looks pretty good! What I think you should add is; more trees (I don’t know what you’re going for in this case), some kind of structure, and replacing the concrete with dirt. Also, there should be a structure, or if you’re just going for a nature build, then add fallen trees.

That’s all!

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thank you all for who replied.

Improved on it and will be posted on my portfolio

Looks better, the trees are a little eh…
You should work on the lighting more (make it daytime and add sunrays?) as those almost always compliment forest showcases like this. I’d add more leaf textures and make the forest fuller… it seems a little empty.

I recommend adding some uneven terrain using the grow and erode tools to make it appear more natural.

The overall design of the place looks good if your going for a sort of forest build try including a bunch of more objects since most of the area is place and left with no details.

A forest should hold a lot of details mostly including vegetation props and plants. The tree density is high enough for it to be a forest, placing more leaf covering to add support to the trunk I think there should be more leaves and many different sizes including trees. The trees has a perfect shape, but the area is plain looking so there could be more leaves and objects hanging from the tree. Did you make the trees or is it just placeholders?

Place a whole lot of different vegetation around the tree possibly making the tree roots extend more like making them curl into the surface, adding smaller trees - larger ones could get lower the repetitive look from the scene. In my opinion you can add some large hills with vines wrapped around the tree base area, there’s much you can do with this.