Bulgogi | Community Guidebook

Bulgogi | Community Guidebook

:rice: | Bulgogi is an active & dedicated Korean Cuisine striving for perfection and uniqueness In the Kitchen Industry. Our team will provide you with the freshest and delectable food you have ever tasted! We want all of our customers to think that Bulgogi is the best Korean cuisine in all of roblox.

:chopsticks: | This handbook will reveal useful Important information to hopefully respond to all your questions and inquires about Bulgogi. If you need anymore information please contact a corporate team member+.

Bulgogi | Contents


When someone joins our server, we expect people, to treat others with excellent levels of maturity, staff or anybody, everyone must show actual sense and that counts being mature at Bulgogi. This goes to following our regulations and not being disrespectful towards other members. Having disrespectful attitude towards others won’t be allowed as we expect everybody to behave correctly in Bulgogi. Following the easiet rules will help you stay ban free in our server and also make our server a rule breaking-free community. Providing

excellent maturity shows good respect as we want everyone to have a respectful attitude towards our staff and everyone correctly, showing great respect in a excellent way means showing acceptance and is also being more respectful would be better then complaining.


  1. Foul Language Refrain from any foul words, pictures, emojis, etc. Breaking this rule will leave you left with a punishment.


  1. Spamming is highly prohibited. This includes mass-pinging, or pinging ranks/others for unnecessary, or invalid reasons.


  1. NSFW content is absolutely prohibited in Bulgogi This includes gore, nudity, etc. Posting anything NSFW will result in a strict consequence, and possibly a ban.


  1. We do not allow any advertisement of any kind. This includes websites, ROBLOX groups, or Discord Servers. Advertising can lead to consequences such as a permanent ban.


  1. We ask that you refrain from starting, or continuing any drama, or unnecessary conflict inside of Bulgogi. This includes cyberbullying, or drama of any kind.
Session Schedule

These are all of the times for all of the sessions, we host at Bulgogi. If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact a corporate team member+.

Interview Session Times

1:00 PM EST
3:00 PM EST
6:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST

Training Session Times

2:00 PM EST
4:00 PM EST
6:00 PM EST
8:00 PM EST

Affiliate Information

If you wish to form an alliance with Bulgogi, you must meet the following requirements below. If your application fails to meet any of the requirements out your application will be automatically declined. Bulgogi is honored to gain relations with amazing companys, but in order to make sure both companys benefit each-other there are expectations set to follow like professionalism, communication, organization, and activity.

Your, establishment is required to have 10+ members.

Your, establishment is required to have a communications server.

Representatives from your group must be on our communications server & group.

Your, establishment must not have any bots accept for ranking bots.

You must announce all events & applications Bulgogi has.

We, only allow food establishments to form a alliance with us.

Your group must be a organized group, We do not want any unprofessionalism.

Affiliate Application Link


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The Official Bulgogi Guidebook. If any information that you are looking for is not listed on this guidebook, please let one of our staff members know by opening a support ticket in our community server and they will assist you to the best of their ability.

Bulgogis Senior Leadership Team