Bulk Audio Asset Downloader

Bulk Audio Asset Downloader

A bulk audio downloader (site → file.)
Currently, the supported sources to download from are the following:

  • User inventories (.ROBLOSECURITY Optional)
  • Groups (.ROBLOSECURITY Required)
  • Library / Creator Marketplace search
  • Direct Audio IDs

I’ll probably add the ability to download other types of media soon.
Raise an issue or comment here for suggestions.

Source: https://github.com/ATPStorages/GetDataRBLX
Latest: Release v1.1.1 · ATPStorages/GetDataRBLX · GitHub
Bug Reports: https://github.com/ATPStorages/GetDataRBLX/issues

In case you want full control of this application (it does require your .ROBLOSECURITY cookie for some things, after all…) You can move onto…


Before following these instructions, ensure you have a supported version of Node.js installed on your computer (>16.x.x), along with the latest release of the Node Package Manager (NPM.)

For the next steps, you will need to open your system’s terminal.

  • Windows
    • OS Key + R
      • Windows 7 and up: cmd.exe
    • Right click on the Windows start menu Icon.
      • Windows 10 and up: powershell
      • Windows 11 and up: Windows Terminal
  • Macintosh / Darwin
    • Spotlight / Launchpad
      • Search “Terminal”
    • Finder
      • /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app
  • Linux / Other non-standard operating systems
    • I expect you to know what you are doing.

Note: Typically you will need to run your Terminal as an administrative user to install global commands. If you already have most of these installed, however, you can move on.

If you don’t already have the tsc (TypeScript Compiler) command installed on your computer, run npm install -g typescript.

Download and extract the main branch of GetDataRBLX.
Using cd (or opening a terminal in the new folder), navigate to the extracted folder’s contents.

Run npm ci, and wait until it is finished - You will notice a lot (>100) folders appear in the .\node_modules folder; this is normal.

Run tsc with no arguments, and wait until you see a new file called index.js pops up.
Run node . or node .\index.js. You are finished.

Packaging steps (If you want to export this directory to a single file) can be found in the git’s README.md file.


Typically have to sudo that if you’re not on Windows.

Also keep in mind you can just git clone the repo and git checkout main.

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Administrative note added.
As for your second note - doesn’t this assume they have the Git CLI installed?

MacOS and Linux should come preinstalled with git (at least from my experience). On Windows, they can just download Git for Windows.