Bulk image uploading

As a developer, it is currently too hard to upload tons of images in succession. Current behavior is upload one image, wait for it to reload the page and repeat. This would fix that by allowing you to select multiple images from the filesystem and upload all at once. 3rd party plugins can already do this, but there is an uncertainty if all of them will even get uploaded.

This idea is stemming from the fact that this has been implemented into Studio with the Game Explorer window, but is locked behind the fact that you need to use game asset references for these images.


Game assets have never made any sense. Almost all developers I know have a test version of their game that is separate from the main universe and is unable to use said game assets.


Yeah, bulk import for games is nice, but it misses a lot of major use cases: not everything is for the game an asset is uploaded in:

  • Plugins
  • Free models / decals to be used by others
  • Open source games (once someone copies resources from the game, they will break! There will be no image.png in the target game.)
  • Assets staged in one game and copied to the main game later (e.g. a contracted modeler doesn’t have access to the whole game for security reasons). I need to insert the assets (meshes and textures) from that game into the main game. Main game doesn’t have these assets in the game explorer, so they will break.
  • I send someone an rbxl file of what I just worked on, but no assets from the game explorer get included

We can improve how Roblox handles these cases (convert from game explorer asset to web asset ID when the asset is being copied/published to a non-game context), but even after that the game explorer in the place I originally created them in is left cluttered with unrelated assets (first two use cases), and I lose the ability to reference assets by name in the target place, since they’re now just web assets.


Bumping this thread, would love to have this right now. I’m in the process of uploading 205 individual decals since images aren’t universal. :grimacing: