Bulk Import: loading UX while importing is not communicated explicitly enough

As a developer the UX for bulk importing assets is confusing upon opening the window.


The three dots are meant to indicate loading state, but this collides with Material design on modern websites where a three-dot (meatballs) component is meant to bring up a details menu with more actions.

The text above doesn’t really imply this either (“Imported” rather than “Importing”…), and the Import button is greyed out. Overall I have to put some question marks on how the UX was thought out here. The only call to action I see here is hitting the meatballs menu to perform some action, but this is not what I’m meant to do as a user (I have to wait instead).

It would be more obvious that the asset is in an importing state if a clearer loading icon was used, if the loading icon was animated, or if the text alluded to the fact stuff is being imported as we speak.