Bulk import mesh locations

I recently tried bulk importing some meshes for a cathedral from the internet. (I had to split it up quite a bit because it was 67 mb and a lot of triangles). After successfully bulk importing, I tried inserting the objects but couldn’t figure out how to insert it with location data. Is there any way to bulk import WITH location data?
Here’s what I have:

While manually moving everything after bulk importing IS an option, it’d take a lot of time and effort.
Everything’s just stacked on top of each other, (collisions are off btw).

Yeah that happens, I’d recommend to set their position to 0,0,0 or just give them the same position, it will most likely solve the issue, or else; build the cathedral.

Decided to go back to the issue, tried right clicking and noticed there was an insert with location button. :sweat_smile: