Bulldog Changelog


Developed by Cafran

Update 0.1.1α - 15th July 2024

At this stage, base gameplay is my main focus and I am trying to iron out the fundamentals. Shops and monetisation is currently not a concern.

  • Revamped Farmland
  • Reformatted server code
  • Added “skip” button for the loading screen
  • Moved loading screen before the game card to allow group logo to load
  • Idle system added
  • Players will only be added to an active game once they have finished loading/skipped loading
  • Fixed votepanel not disappearing when joining a game
  • Double jump is now activated via spacebar instead of Humanoid.Jump for increased responsiveness
  • Reorganised UI related code
  • Moved UI scripts inside PlayerGui to prevent loading issues
  • Fixed loading screen appearing during the intermission
  • Fixed players spawning in undesired locations
  • Temporarily removed radial UI
  • Added bulldog highlight, fire, and lights to indicate their locations
  • You will hear a heartbeat when a bulldog is nearby, increasing in volume when the bulldog is either closer to you, the number of bulldogs nearby have increased, or both
  • Notifications have been slightly adjusted so messages remain more consistent

0.1α - 1st July 2024

Update 0.1 - 1st July 2024

Content updates are rolled out monthly, with hotfixes rolling out for any major bugs. Lobby changes occur seasonally to indicate environment changes.

New Maps

• Moved from arenas to maps to accommodate the new dynamic movement
• New Map - Office
• New Map - Farmland
• New Map - Concrete

New Systems

• Map voting
• Bulldog Chance

UI Changes

• Loading screens
• Notification system fully implemented
• Added overhead UI for runner objectives
• Added radial arrow for runner objectives
• Animations for most UI elements

Moveset Changes

• Extended dash
• Removed sprinting due to being too overpowered

Bug Fixes & Patches

• Player leaver bug fixed
• Clock header bug fixed
• Animation bug fixed
• Immunity bug fixed
• Player reset bug fixed
• Roll chaining patched
• Stops dash when contacting a surface

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