Bullet doesn't go pass an invisible wall (CanCollide = Off)

I added some particles, (snow particles), and everytime I shoot with this Frontier gun, the bullet get’s stuck on the invisible wall, and doesn’t pass it. Is there a way so that the bullet can go through it?

and when in a hill, it’s worst.

IS there any alternative for the particles? or any other way to fix this? please help me, thanks.

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Btw, I don’t think this belongs to the scripting area, since… I think is a wall problem.

Assuming the gun uses raycasting, it probably detects intersections with https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/function/Workspace/FindPartOnRay

You’ll need to add the invisible wall(s) to the ignore parameter

Edit: or use https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/function/Workspace/FindPartOnRayWithIgnoreList

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I’ve experienced this kind of issue in my game, except the issue was knives getting stuck. This might actually be an engine bug, so you could probably place it under that category.

;-; I know a little bit of scripting, but… I guess there’s a whole mess in the gun’s scripts, since it is organized a way that I some what don’t understand.

Nvm find the “projectile folder”

Thanks guys, It works now… Haha Yeah…

There was a folder called “ProjectileIgnore” I just added the particles into that folder, and it’s… ignoring it,
The “ProjectileIgnore” folder is on “worldSettings” I had to check that before… asking you guys, but thanks for your time and… dedication.

Just a quick question:- where did you find the ProjectileIgnore folder.
I am asking as I could not find it mentioned in the Game Settings, World section or in my game.

Look out for the fact that it’s a folder and not a setting. Going off the context, it’s probably within the gun model that he has.

Either way, it’s not something directly apart of the Roblox system, i.e. it isn’t a setting but a folder instance created by a user.

Ok, Thanks for clearing that up for me.
As its a building post and not seeing the explorer view got me confused by the solution.