Bullet not teleporting to gun

Hello developers,

I’m currently working on FPS framework. When I click my mouse the bullet does not teleport to the gun
It just decides to teleport in random places

Here’s some of the code

This here is some of the code for the bullet teleporting to the gun. (USED IN A MODULESCRIPT)

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can’t you just make it server sidded so both the client and other can see it? and i am pretty sure you don’t teleport something to workspace.camera

Hm, I suppose I can make a variable when calling the function.

or make an remote event, getting making a bullet and transporting it


CW2 = CurrentWeapon right now.

also if you are storing the gun inside the workspace.camera(which is what you are doing)…that is prob a mistake if you wanna store something

No. The gun is currently in ReplicatedStorage


what is the bullet.cframe going then? it says its going to a gun that is in the workspace.camera…i need more context

replaced it for this.

I’m still currently having the same problem. I’ll try a remote event, but I doubt it’ll work

and is that in a localscript or a server script

The script I’m using is a localscript placed in StarterCharacterScripts

Already did that. It just did the same thing.

Dude, the vector3 is just an offset. if I remove the Vector3 it’ll just keep doing the same thing



Nooo i mean something like this:

bullet.cframe = cframe.new(pistol.position) + vecter3.new(1,1,1)

learned it from here https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/Understanding-CFrame

Oh, this works a little bit.

That should fix the problem.

Thank you.

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