Bullet Replication?

I’m currently making an fps framework. I have gotten to the point of creating the bullets. I am wondering if I should create one bullet from the server, and have the server move the bullet. Or, should I have the server move an invisible bullet, and make all clients in the game create a “fake” bullet, in place of it. I am considering each method because I saw this very interesting video:

For my game, which way would be the most resource efficient so that I can reduce lag? Thanks for any responses!

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Wow! Amazing! Thank you for helping this user so much! I’m sure they appreciate it so much that you care more about the devforum’s rules than what it provides itself!

  • Is the bullet moved by physics or CFrame?
    • Physics:
      Let the server do it while it’s visible, with a possible exception for the client who fired the projectile (unless network ownership is forcefully server from the beginning)
    • CFrame:
      Copy of the bullet for each client. As for the server, no bullet or an invisible bullet.

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i just fire remote events all clients for tracer and on the player client don’t fire instead make in client scriptso it is fast

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